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From kiss +‎ -le.


kissle (third-person singular simple present kissles, present participle kissling, simple past and past participle kissled)

  1. (transitive) To kiss, often repeatedly.
    • 1877, Puck:
      And if you'll so arrange it, Mrs. Swisshelm, You needn't join the maidens when we kissle 'em.
    • 1908, William Shakespeare, Ernest Roman, King Henry V.:
      O that tis not the fashion in France For the maids to kissle before they are married.
    • 1984, Jean Nash, The Golden Thread:
      She flung her arms around him and pressed her lips to his, and when he tried to move away she clung to him tightly and sobbed agains his mouth and kissled him with a violent passion born of despair.
    • 1999, Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.). Dept. of History, Left history:
      Who can resist being asked to "kissle me some more?"