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From the Old Norse klénn (snug; little, puny), from Proto-Germanic *klainiz (clear, pure), from Proto-Indo-European *g(e)lēi- (gleaming), from Proto-Indo-European *gel- (to gleam). Cognate with the English clean from the Middle English clene (clean, clear, pure) from the Old English clǣne (pure, clear).


klénn (comparative klénni, superlative klénastur)

  1. poor, feeble
  2. indisposed, under the weather syn.
    Ég er eitthvað klén í dag.
    I'm a bit under the weather today.
  3. short syn.
  4. poor, lame syn.
    Þetta var nokkuð klént af þér...
    That was pretty poor of you...
  5. (dated) pretty, snug, good


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