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Back-formation from knoppologia < Swedish knappologi < knapp (button)



  1. trivia, triviality, detail (insignificant item of unimportant information, especially one assumed useful for passing an exam)
    Napoleonin syntymävuosi on pelkkä knoppi—etenkin, jos ei ymmärrä hänen vaikutustaan historiassa.
    Napoleon’s birth year is a mere triviality—especially if one does not understand his influence in history.


Inflection of knoppi (Kotus type 5/risti, pp-p gradation)
nominative knoppi knopit
genitive knopin knoppien
partitive knoppia knoppeja
illative knoppiin knoppeihin
singular plural
nominative knoppi knopit
accusative nom. knoppi knopit
gen. knopin
genitive knopin knoppien
partitive knoppia knoppeja
inessive knopissa knopeissa
elative knopista knopeista
illative knoppiin knoppeihin
adessive knopilla knopeilla
ablative knopilta knopeilta
allative knopille knopeille
essive knoppina knoppeina
translative knopiksi knopeiksi
instructive knopein
abessive knopitta knopeitta
comitative knoppeineen