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Inside a korsu at Finnish-Soviet frontier in 1941.



  1. dugout (pit dug into the ground as a shelter from enemy fire)

Usage notes[edit]

  • korsu is a dugout big enough to live in and is equipped with a roof. An open shelter for fire may be called potero (foxhole) or juoksuhauta (trench)


Inflection of korsu (Kotus type 1/valo, no gradation)
nominative korsu korsut
genitive korsun korsujen
partitive korsua korsuja
illative korsuun korsuihin
singular plural
nominative korsu korsut
accusative nom. korsu korsut
gen. korsun
genitive korsun korsujen
partitive korsua korsuja
inessive korsussa korsuissa
elative korsusta korsuista
illative korsuun korsuihin
adessive korsulla korsuilla
ablative korsulta korsuilta
allative korsulle korsuille
essive korsuna korsuina
translative korsuksi korsuiksi
instructive korsuin
abessive korsutta korsuitta
comitative korsuineen