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kort +‎ våg, cognate with English shortwave, used in Swedish at least since 1933. The adjective 'kortvågig' can be traced to 1872, compounds like 'kortvågsradio' to the mid 1920s, of which 'kortvåg' is a shorthand. Still in 1929, it was common to write 'korta vågor' (short waves), but 'kortvåg' became common in the 1930s.


kortvåg c

  1. (uncountable) shortwave, a range of the radio frequency spectrum from 3 to 30 MHz, its capability to convey signals
    Och fram mot morgonen var fortfarande kortvågen mycket dålig
    And towards daybreak the shortwave was still very poor
  2. a radio wave or electromagnetic signal in this range
    kortvågor studsar på havsytan
    shortwaves bounce on the ocean surface


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