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An archaic locative singular form (with Proto-Uralic *-na) of the archaic/dialectal noun koto (home).



  1. at home, at somebody's place; home (on arrival)
    Pekka on kotonaan. / Pekka on kotona.
    Pekka is at his home.
    Terve, olen kotona!
    Hello, I'm home!
    Pekka on Paulin kotona.
    Pekka is at Pauli's place.
    Ole kuin kotonasi!
    Make yourself at home!

Usage notes[edit]

  • This word requires a possessive suffix, unless the occupant of the home is referred to with a noun or proper noun (see examples above).
  • The possessive suffix is optional when the subject of the sentence is in their own home.
  • The possessive suffix is not used in sentences in which "at" is omitted in English.