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Alternative forms[edit]


laterize (third-person singular simple present laterizes, present participle laterizing, simple past and past participle laterized)

  1. To convert to laterite.
    • 1921, Mining Magazine - Volume 25, page 376:
      Among the former quartz reefs are the most obvious,since they do not laterize and often stand out in bold relief from the red soil surrounding them.
    • 1970, The Indochina Story: A Fully Documented Account, page 115:
      Thirty percent of Vietnamese soil has the potential to laterize.
    • 1973, Thomas Duval Roberts & Benjamin Nimer, Area handbook for Ivory Coast, page 44:
      They are subject, however, to heavy leaching, and unless protected by an ample covering of vegetation, they too tend to laterize.

Related terms[edit]