lather, rinse, repeat

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From the directions on a bottle of shampoo.


lather, rinse, repeat

  1. (informal, often humorous) Indicating that an action or process was repeated, or needs to be repeated.
    • 2005, Deke McClelland; Galen Fott, Photoshop Elements 3 for Dummies:
      Use the step backward icon again and experiment with the other three icons, drawing overlapping shapes. Lather, rinse, repeat.
    • 2006, Annalee Newitz; Charlie Anders, She's such a geek!: women write about science, technology and other nerdy stuff:
      Then, burned-out after a spring and summer of machining, testing, tweaking, lather, rinse, repeat, I took a driving vacation with my husband []
    • 2007, M P Dunleavey, Money Can Buy Happiness: How to Spend to Get the Life You Want:
      Lather, rinse, repeat until you get tired of watching your money go down the drain.
  2. (informal, satirical) Indicating that an action or process happens often and is futile.


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