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From French laver (to wash), possibly via Swedish, compare lavera (to paint using wash technique)



  1. (art) to paint using the wash technique, i.e. with a paintbrush holding a large amount of solvent and a small amount of paint.


Inflection of laveerata (Kotus type 73/salata, no gradation)
indicative mood
present tense perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. laveeraan en laveeraa 1st sing. olen laveerannut en ole laveerannut
2nd sing. laveeraat et laveeraa 2nd sing. olet laveerannut et ole laveerannut
3rd sing. laveeraa ei laveeraa 3rd sing. on laveerannut ei ole laveerannut
1st plur. laveeraamme emme laveeraa 1st plur. olemme laveeranneet emme ole laveeranneet
2nd plur. laveeraatte ette laveeraa 2nd plur. olette laveeranneet ette ole laveeranneet
3rd plur. laveeraavat eivät laveeraa 3rd plur. ovat laveeranneet eivät ole laveeranneet
passive laveerataan ei laveerata passive on laveerattu ei ole laveerattu
past tense pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. laveerasin en laveerannut 1st sing. olin laveerannut en ollut laveerannut
2nd sing. laveerasit et laveerannut 2nd sing. olit laveerannut et ollut laveerannut
3rd sing. laveerasi ei laveerannut 3rd sing. oli laveerannut ei ollut laveerannut
1st plur. laveerasimme emme laveeranneet 1st plur. olimme laveeranneet emme olleet laveeranneet
2nd plur. laveerasitte ette laveeranneet 2nd plur. olitte laveeranneet ette olleet laveeranneet
3rd plur. laveerasivat eivät laveeranneet 3rd plur. olivat laveeranneet eivät olleet laveeranneet
passive laveerattiin ei laveerattu passive oli laveerattu ei ollut laveerattu
conditional mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. laveeraisin en laveeraisi 1st sing. olisin laveerannut en olisi laveerannut
2nd sing. laveeraisit et laveeraisi 2nd sing. olisit laveerannut et olisi laveerannut
3rd sing. laveeraisi ei laveeraisi 3rd sing. olisi laveerannut ei olisi laveerannut
1st plur. laveeraisimme emme laveeraisi 1st plur. olisimme laveeranneet emme olisi laveeranneet
2nd plur. laveeraisitte ette laveeraisi 2nd plur. olisitte laveeranneet ette olisi laveeranneet
3rd plur. laveeraisivat eivät laveeraisi 3rd plur. olisivat laveeranneet eivät olisi laveeranneet
passive laveerattaisiin ei laveerattaisi passive olisi laveerattu ei olisi laveerattu
imperative mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. laveeraa älä laveeraa 2nd sing. ole laveerannut älä ole laveerannut
3rd sing. laveeratkoon älköön laveeratko 3rd sing. olkoon laveerannut älköön olko laveerannut
1st plur. laveeratkaamme älkäämme laveeratko 1st plur. olkaamme laveeranneet älkäämme olko laveeranneet
2nd plur. laveeratkaa älkää laveeratko 2nd plur. olkaa laveeranneet älkää olko laveeranneet
3rd plur. laveeratkoot älkööt laveeratko 3rd plur. olkoot laveeranneet älkööt olko laveeranneet
passive laveerattakoon älköön laveerattako passive olkoon laveerattu älköön olko laveerattu
potential mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. laveerannen en laveeranne 1st sing. lienen laveerannut en liene laveerannut
2nd sing. laveerannet et laveeranne 2nd sing. lienet laveerannut et liene laveerannut
3rd sing. laveerannee ei laveeranne 3rd sing. lienee laveerannut ei liene laveerannut
1st plur. laveerannemme emme laveeranne 1st plur. lienemme laveeranneet emme liene laveeranneet
2nd plur. laveerannette ette laveeranne 2nd plur. lienette laveeranneet ette liene laveeranneet
3rd plur. laveerannevat eivät laveeranne 3rd plur. lienevät laveeranneet eivät liene laveeranneet
passive laveerattaneen ei laveerattane passive lienee laveerattu ei liene laveerattu
Nominal forms
infinitives participles
active passive active passive
1st laveerata present laveeraava laveerattava
long 1st2 laveeratakseen past laveerannut laveerattu
2nd inessive1 laveeratessa laveerattaessa agent1, 3 laveeraama
instructive laveeraten negative laveeraamaton
3rd inessive laveeraamassa 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix.

elative laveeraamasta
illative laveeraamaan
adessive laveeraamalla
abessive laveeraamatta
instructive laveeraaman laveerattaman
4th nominative laveeraaminen
partitive laveeraamista
5th2 laveeraamaisillaan

Derived terms[edit]