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leave +‎ -est



  1. (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of leave
    • 1544-1595, Edward Fairfax (1560-1635);, Jerusalem Delivered[1]:
      XXXVI "Whither, O cruel! leavest thou me alone?"
    • 1878, Michael Angelo Buonarroti & Tommaso Campanella, Sonnets[2]:
      But thou, thyself not knowing, leavest all For a poor price to strangers; since thy head Is weak, albeit thy limbs are stout and good.
    • 1881, Madge Morris, Debris[3]:
      Each loved one that thou leavest here, Some other love may wear, Each heart will have some other heart Its loneliness to share.
    • 1901, Charles Alfred Downer, Frédéric Mistral[4]:
      "My head is bursting, and since from the heights of my supernatural love a thunderbolt thus hurls me down, since, nothing, nothing henceforth, from this moment on, can give me joy, since, cruel woman, when thou couldst throw me a rope, thou leavest me, in dismay, to drink the bitter current--let death come, black hiding-place, bottomless abyss! let me plunge down head first!"