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Alternative forms[edit]


Scots malagruize.


malagruze (third-person singular simple present malagruzes, present participle malagruzing, simple past and past participle malagruzed)

  1. (Scotland, now rare) To cause havoc to; to disarrange, put into disarray.
    • 1933, Lewis Grassic Gibbon, Cloud Howe, Polygon 2006 (A Scots Quair), p. 276:
      the storms came malagarousing the trees down the length and breadth of the shrilling Howe.
    • 1994, Alasdair Gray, A History Maker:
      "Why remember those nasty centuries when honest folk were queered, pestered and malagroozed by clanjamfries of greedy gangsters who called themselves governments and stock exchanges?"