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Old Portuguese[edit]


From Latin mīrāculum (object of wonder), from mīror (to wonder at), from mīrus (wonderful), from Proto-Indo-European *smei-, *mei- (to smile, to be astonished).



miragre m (plural miragres)

  1. miracle
    • 13th century, attributed to Alfonso X of Castile, Cantigas de Santa Maria, E codex, cantiga 156 (facsimile):
      Eſte miragre fez ſanta m̃ en Cuñegro p̃ un crerigo q̄ cãtaua mui bẽ as as proſas a ſſa loor. ⁊ prenderono ereges ⁊ tallaronlla lingua.
      Holy Mary worked this miracle in Cluny for a cleric who sang very well his proses in her praise, and heretics seized him and cut off his tongue.