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  1. (Ireland, archaic) an expression of surprise
    • 1905, James Joyce, Dubliners[1]:
      Musha, God be with them times! said the old man. There was some life in it then.
    • 1901, Kate Douglas Wiggin, Penelope's Irish Experiences[2]:
      Och! musha bedad, man alive, but it's a fine counthry over here, and it bangs all the jewel of a view we do be havin' from the windys, begorra!
    • 1895, Barlow Jane, Strangers at Lisconnel[3]:
      When her neighbour, Mrs. Ryan, looked in, she could not forbear mentioning the expected call, and was further elated because Mrs. Ryan at once remarked: "Sure, 'twill be Bessy he's after," though she herself, of course, disclaimed the idea, saying: "Och musha, ma'am, not at all."
    • 1841, Charles Lever, Charles O'Malley, The Irish Dragoon, Volume 1 (of 2)[4]:
      Well, here now, here's five hogs to begin with; and, musha, but I never thought I'd be spending my loose change that way.'





  1. Rōmaji transcription of むしゃ