näillä näkymin

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näillä (at these) + näkymin (instructive plural of näkymä - the view)


näillä näkymin

  1. (idiomatic) it seems that, the current plan is that
    Tuloverotus ei näillä näkymin nouse.
    It seems that the income tax will not rise.
    Näillä näkymin asun Nairobissa vielä vuoden.
    The current plan is that I will stay in Nairobi for another year.

Usage notes[edit]

Strictly speaking, this expression is grammatically incorrect as the attribute (näillä) and head word (näkymin) should be in the same case. However, if judged by the number of Google hits, this formulation beats pure adessive construction by the ratio of about 20:1 and pure instructive construction by 2000:1 in usage frequency.