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na- +‎ ime


  • IPA(key): /nǎime/
  • Hyphenation: na‧i‧me


nàime (Cyrillic spelling на̀име)

  1. however, on the other hand (in order to remind or point out something unsaid or unknown, often sentence initially or separated with commas)
    to se, naime, dogodilo jučer — that, however, occurred yesterday
    savršeni sustavi, naime, redovito vode u ropstvo i zločin — perfect systems, however, regularly lead to enslavement and crimes
  2. namely
    • 2010, Boris Dežulović, Lepa naša domovino, prave slave dedovino:
      Nije to tako usamljena pojava, to naime da neko selo ili grad iz čista mira pomahnitaju, bilo je već u historiji takvih slučajeva. - It is not such an isolated occurrence, namely that a particular village or a town goes crazy for no reason; there were such incidents before throughout the history.