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neuvo +‎ -s, after Swedish råd (counselor); Swedish råd also means 'advise', in Finnish neuvo.


  • IPA(key): /ˈneu̯ʋos/, [ˈne̞u̯ʋ(ː)o̞s̠]
  • Rhymes: -euʋos
  • Syllabification: neu‧vos



  1. (no officially accepted English translation)[1] An honorary title granted by the President of the Republic of Finland to highly merited citizens.
  2. councillor/councilor/counselor (the title of the holder of certain high positions in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland)


Inflection of neuvos (Kotus type 39/vastaus, no gradation)
nominative neuvos neuvokset
genitive neuvoksen neuvosten
partitive neuvosta neuvoksia
illative neuvokseen neuvoksiin
singular plural
nominative neuvos neuvokset
accusative nom. neuvos neuvokset
gen. neuvoksen
genitive neuvoksen neuvosten
partitive neuvosta neuvoksia
inessive neuvoksessa neuvoksissa
elative neuvoksesta neuvoksista
illative neuvokseen neuvoksiin
adessive neuvoksella neuvoksilla
ablative neuvokselta neuvoksilta
allative neuvokselle neuvoksille
essive neuvoksena neuvoksina
translative neuvokseksi neuvoksiksi
instructive neuvoksin
abessive neuvoksetta neuvoksitta
comitative neuvoksineen
Possessive forms of neuvos (type vastaus)
possessor singular plural
1st person neuvokseni neuvoksemme
2nd person neuvoksesi neuvoksenne
3rd person neuvoksensa

Usage notes[edit]

In formal contexts, neuvos is always used with a modifier which specifies the field on which the title has been earned. Due to the culture-specific nature of the title neuvos, the Prime Minister's Office of Finland does not recommend any translations thereof.[1] However, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs is the only branch where the titles are translated, e.g. ulkoasiainneuvos is translated to Counsellor for Foreign Affairs.[2][3] A list of Finnish honorary titles (not necessarily complete) may be found in Finnish Wikipedia article Arvonimet Suomessa.

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