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  1. how many, how much


Adjective concord
Modifier Copulative
positive negative positive negative
1st singular engimngaki engingemngaki ngimngaki angimngaki
2nd singular omngaki ongemngaki umngaki awumngaki
1st plural esibangaki esingebangaki sibangaki asibangaki
2nd plural enibangaki eningebangaki nibangaki anibangaki
Class 1 omngaki ongemngaki mngaki akamngaki
Class 2 abangaki abangebangaki bangaki ababangaki
Class 3 omngaki ongemngaki mngaki awumngaki
Class 4 emingaki engemingaki mingaki ayimingaki
Class 5 elingaki elingelingaki lingaki alilingaki
Class 6 amangaki angemangaki mangaki awamangaki
Class 7 esingaki esingesingaki singaki asisingaki
Class 8 ezingaki ezingezingaki zingaki azizingaki
Class 9 engaki engengaki, engeyingaki ingaki, yingaki ayiyingaki
Class 10 ezingaki ezingezingaki zingaki azizingaki
Class 11 olungaki olungelungaki lungaki alulungaki
Class 14 obungaki obungebungaki bungaki abubungaki
Class 15 okungaki okungekungaki kungaki akukungaki
Class 17 okungaki okungekungaki kungaki akukungaki