no more Mr. Nice Guy

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no more Mr. Nice Guy

  1. An implied individual has ceased being pleasant, and will now resort to unpleasant means to get their way.
    • 2003, "Ed Anger", Weekly World News, 19 August 2003, page 17.
      You heard me right, buckaroos—no more Mr. Nice Guy. If those dagger-throwing Ali Babas are so keen on acting like the gol-durned Vietcong, I say let's treat 'em like the gol-durned Vietcong.
    • 2007, Gene W. Kidd, Spotlight, page 141, →ISBN.
      "I'm outta here. Kian, watch yourself please," Bobby said.
      "Bobby, watch yourself please," Kian said, sarcastic.
      "That's it Kian. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Do not get in my way. You..." Bobby said.

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