no rīta

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no rīta

  1. in the morning
    agri no rītaearly in the morning
    rīt no rītatomorrow (in the) morning
    vakar no rītayesterday (in the) morning
    deviņos no rītaat nine (o'clock) in the morning
    no rīta saglabāsies migla; dienā vietām uzlīsin the morning the fog will continue; during the day, it will rain in some places

Usage notes[edit]

Rīt is an adverb, meaning “tomorrow,” whereas rītdiena is a noun, meaning “(the day of) tomorrow.” Rīts, on the other hand, is a noun, meaning “morning.” The corresponding locative rītā can mean both “in the morning” (more frequently: no rīta) and “tomorrow” (more frequently: rīt).



Related terms[edit]