nome sane

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Alternative forms[edit]


nome sane?

  1. (African American Vernacular) Eye dialect spelling of know what I'm saying.
    • 2000, John R. Rickford, Russell John Rickford, Spoken soul: the story of Black English, John Wiley and Sons, page 206:
      Others showed that their creators were hip to the dialect, as does the cartoon by Jeff Fanzinger (see the photo and cartoon inser following page 160), in which he exploits authentic Ebonics lingo - chillin', main man, dat's whuzzup, and nome sane (a condensed version of "Know what I'm saying?") that has become popular in the black community.
    • 2004, Molly Katz, New York as a second language: haddabea Neyawka, Andrews McMeel Publishing, page 28:
      "Nome sane?" This is not a real question, and there is no answer. Do not reply, "Yes, I know what you are saying."
    • 2004, Spider Robinson, Very Bad Deaths, Baen, page 213:
      I am your goddam triumph, nome sane? Most ashamed son of a bitch you're ever going to meet.