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From Proto-Finnic *nockëda. Cognates include Finnish notkea.



  1. fluid, watery


Inflection of notked (inflection type 12/korged)
nominative sing. notked
genitive sing. notktan
partitive sing. notkta
partitive plur. notktoid
singular plural
nominative notked notktad
accusative notktan notktad
genitive notktan notktoiden
partitive notkta notktoid
essive-instructive notktan notktoin
translative notktaks notktoikš
inessive notktas notktoiš
elative notktaspäi notktoišpäi
illative notktaha notktoihe
adessive notktal notktoil
ablative notktalpäi notktoilpäi
allative notktale notktoile
abessive notktata notktoita
comitative notktanke notktoidenke
prolative notktame notktoidme
approximative I notktanno notktoidenno
approximative II notktannoks notktoidennoks
egressive notktannopäi notktoidennopäi
terminative I notktahasai notktoihesai
terminative II notktalesai notktoilesai
terminative III notktassai
additive I notktahapäi notktoihepäi
additive II notktalepäi notktoilepäi