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From Old Swedish hiupon (possibly nominative plural), from Proto-Germanic *heupą, *heupōn.[1] Compare Danish hyben, Norwegian nype, hjupa, Old Saxon hiopo, Old High German hiufo, dialectal German hiefen, hüfen, Old English héope and English hip. The beginning in n- has come to be through a misconception with a first element in a compound word ending in n. For example in stennypon (Norwegian steinhjupa, originally sten + hjupon) the misconception is that the ending n in sten is a part of hjupon which is is not.



nypon n

  1. rose hip (the fruit of a rose)


Declension of nypon 
Singular Plural
Indefinite Definite Indefinite Definite
Nominative nypon nyponet nypon nyponen
Genitive nypons nyponets nypons nyponens

Usage notes[edit]

  • Swedish train ticket collectors enter the waggon calling out for nypåstigna (new passengers), which is sometimes jokingly misheard for Nyponstigen (hip path, supposedly a street name).

Related terms[edit]


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