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Central Nahuatl[edit]


  • IPA(key): /oˈseː.loːt͡ɬ/



  1. jaguar

Classical Nahuatl[edit]

The glyph corresponding to the day nāhui ocēlōtl (“four jaguar”), as depicted in the codex Magliabechiano.

Alternative forms[edit]


  • IPA(key): /o(ː)ˈseː.loːt͡ɬ/, [o(ː)ˈséː.loːt͡ɬ]


ocēlōtl (animate, plural ōocēloh or ocēlōmeh)

  1. (it is) a jaguar.
    • 1571: Alonso de Molina, Vocabulario en lengua castellana y mexicana y mexicana y castellana, f. 75r. col. 2.
      Ocelotl. tigre. […] / Ocelome. tigres.
      Ocelotl. a jaguar. […] / Ocelome. jaguars.
    • ibid., f. 77v. col. 1.
      Oocelo. tigres.
      Oocelo. jaguars.
    • c1600: Anonymous, Anónimo Mexicano, f. 7r.
      oquitlalílique miec ytlahuitol, ce cuauhtlí tlacuicuítl, ce ozelotl ycxitlan
      They buried him with very many of his things: his bow, an eagle carved of wood, a jaguar at his feet
    • ibid., f. 11r.
      onca:ncamaía, tepe Zolime, totochtin, cuahtotolim, Mazame, oze lome, cuamíztin, tecuanímê
      There were partridges, rabbits, fowl, deer, jaguars, mountain lions, and savage beasts
    • c1609: Tezozomoc, Chimalpahin, Cronica mexicayotl, f. 22r
      camo çan quexquich yn ompa onoque yn ompa tlapia yn tequanime yn cuecuetlachtin. yn ocelome. yn mimiztin yn cocohua
      Countless fierce animals were there; bears, jaguars, mountain lions, snakes were on guard.
    • 1645: Horacio Carochi, Arte de la lengua mexicana con la declaración de los adverbios della, f. 4v.
      ocēlōtl, tigre. Pl. ōocēlō. [...] ocēlōmê tigres.
      ocēlōtl, a jaguar. Pl. ōocēlō. [...] ocēlōmê jaguar.
  2. (it is) the fourteenth of the twenty day signs of the tōnalpōhualli; a jaguar or disembodied jaguar's head.
    • 16th c.: Codex Magliabechiano, f. 13r.
      naVi oçelotl. q qujere dezir quatro tigres.
      navi oçelotl. that is to say, four tigers.

Derived terms[edit]



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