okey-dokey, Smokey

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Alternative forms[edit]


okey-dokey extended with a further arbitrary rhyme; Smokey is a nickname.


okey-dokey, Smokey

  1. (colloquial) An alternative form of okey-dokey; OK; alright.
    • 1990, Barry McGuire & Logan White, In the Midst of Wolves, Crossway Books (1990), ISBN 9780891075721, page 72:
      "I am so glad you made that rim shot," said the trooper, "because if you pirates so much as litter the streets again, I'll put you inside until your chrome rusts. Do you copy that?"
      "Okey-dokey, Smokey," yawned Wulff.
    • 2007, Alina Adams, Skate Crime, Berkley (2007), ISBN 9780425218037 page 70:
      "Well, we've got you booked to spend the night at the training center's dorms, anyway. Why don't you check out how you like it, and we'll regroup in the morning to reassess where we stand. Okey-dokey, Smokey?”
    • 2007, Bill Bryan, Keep It Real, Bleak House Books (2007), ISBN 9781932557312, page 130:
      "Okey-dokey, Smokey. It's yer nickel."