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olo +‎ -inen


oloinen (not comparable)

  1. appearing to be something, -like; always used with a qualifier, which is usually an adjective in genitive case.
    Hän oli jo varsin terveen oloinen.
    He appeared to be quite healthy already.
    Olipas siinä insinöörin oloinen mies!
    Boy, he sure was an engineer-like person!

Usage notes[edit]

This word is uncomparable when used with an adjective. Comparison is made by inflecting the qualifier:

Hän oli jo terveemmän oloinen.
He appeared to be healthier already.


Inflection of oloinen (Kotus type 38/nainen, no gradation)
nominative oloinen oloiset
genitive oloisen oloisten
partitive oloista oloisia
illative oloiseen oloisiin
singular plural
nominative oloinen oloiset
accusative nom. oloinen oloiset
gen. oloisen
genitive oloisen oloisten
partitive oloista oloisia
inessive oloisessa oloisissa
elative oloisesta oloisista
illative oloiseen oloisiin
adessive oloisella oloisilla
ablative oloiselta oloisilta
allative oloiselle oloisille
essive oloisena oloisina
translative oloiseksi oloisiksi
instructive oloisin
abessive oloisetta oloisitta
comitative oloisine