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Old Spanish[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Latin obscūritātem, accusative of obscūritās, from obscūrus (dark).


  • IPA(key): [os.ku.ɾiˈðat], [-ˈðað]


oscuridat f (usually uncountable)

  1. darkness, dark
    • c. 1250, Alfonso X, Lapidario, f. 24r.
      […] ¬ non a en ſi ninguna obſcuridat. nin otra coſa quel embargue la color.
      […] And it has within itself no darkness, nor anything else that could obscure its color.
    • Idem, f. 79r.
      Piedra es que deſſeca mucho. ¬ retiene. ¬ tuelle la oſcuridat del uiſo.
      A stone that dries and retains a lot, and that removes darkness from eyesight.

Related terms[edit]