out with it

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out with it

  1. Used to tell somebody to reveal a secret.
    • 1894, Kate Chopin, In and Out of Old Natchitoches, in Bayou Folk,
      “What’s your name, youngster? Out with it!” cried Laballière, striving to shake the little free mulatto into speech; but he stayed dumb as a mummy.
    • 1906, Edith Nesbit, The Railway Children, Chapter 4: The engine-burglar,
      "Come, out with it," said the Doctor.
      "It's rather hard, you see," said Bobbie, "to out with it; because of what Mother said."
    • 1928, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Master Mind of Mars, Chapter VIII: ESCAPE,
      "Six years!" mused Gor Hajus. "Well, out with it, man. What do you want? If it is to slay Ras Thavas, no! He has saved me from utter destruction; but name me some other, preferably Vobis Kan, Jeddak of Toonol. Find me a blade and I will slay a hundred to regain life."

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