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From Swedish dialectal paff ("cardboard"), compare standard Swedish papp.




  1. Relatively thick and stiff cardboard. According to paper industry standards, pahvi weighs at least 250 g/sq.m.
  2. A versatile woodfibre-based packaging material produced by combining cardboard, fluting and/or paper. The usage of both Finnish and English terms is rather incoherent, but e.g. cardboard, corrugated board, paperboard and pasteboard may apply as translations for pahvi.


Inflection of pahvi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative pahvi pahvit
genitive pahvin pahvien
partitive pahvia pahveja
illative pahviin pahveihin
singular plural
nominative pahvi pahvit
accusative nom. pahvi pahvit
gen. pahvin
genitive pahvin pahvien
partitive pahvia pahveja
inessive pahvissa pahveissa
elative pahvista pahveista
illative pahviin pahveihin
adessive pahvilla pahveilla
ablative pahvilta pahveilta
allative pahville pahveille
essive pahvina pahveina
translative pahviksi pahveiksi
instructive pahvein
abessive pahvitta pahveitta
comitative pahveineen

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