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  1. (transitive) To have lesbian sex with.
    • 1555: Alonso de Molina, Aqui comienca un vocabulario en la lengua castellana y mexicana, f. 137v.
      Hazerlo la muger a otra. nite,patlachuia.
      (For the woman to do it to another.)
    • 1565: Alonso de Molina, Confessionario breve en lengua mexicana y castellana, f. 12v.
      Cuix aca occe ciuatl, amoneuan ammopatlachuique?
      Has cometido el pecado contra natura, con otra muger como tu?
      (Have you committed the sin against nature, with another woman like yourself?)
    • 16C: Bernardino de Sahagún, Florentine Codex, book 10
      tepatlachuia, mocioaicniuhtia, aic monamictiznequi, cenca quincocolia aiel quimittaz in oquichti
      (She has carnal relations with other women; she takes female companions. She never desires a husband; she hates, detests men exceedingly)

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