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pejorize (third-person singular simple present pejorizes, present participle pejorizing, simple past and past participle pejorized)

  1. (transitive, rare) To render pejorative.
    • 1926, Paul Carus, The Open Court, volume 40, page 635:
      It is enough that we are all as yet mere children in knowledge without being so foolish also as to aggravate and pejorize the situation with our hoydenish conduct.
    • 1991, Hans Henrich Hock, Principles of Historical Linguistics[1], page 302:
      On the other hand, the fact that OE cniht means not only 'boy, youth', but also 'servant' reflects a different, pejorizing tendency which likewise has parallels elsewhere.
    • 2007, Matthew Giancarlo, Parliament and Literature in Late Medieval England[2], page 77:
      At the same time, the desire to see or to represent the community as one, as a universitas, is both idealized and pejorized by thinking of it as “one voice,” since vocal singular interests supposedly oppose the communal interests of the speaking assembly.