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pfaff (third-person singular simple present pfaffs, present participle pfaffing, simple past and past participle pfaffed)

  1. (Britain, slang) Alternative spelling of faff
    • 2004, Chris Ward, The controversial Sämisch King's Indian, p81
      By my own admission I pfaffed around a bit here but I'm going to claim that I was merely enjoying the moment!
    • 26 Sep 2005 -- BBC News, England Atlantic slow row coming to end [1]
      Mr Hicks wrote on his website: "At dusk the rudder cable broke
      At dusk the rudder cable broke. "Six hours pfaffing about in the dark and heaving sea saw a fairly unsatisfactory makeshift steering system into place"

Usage notes[edit]

  • Normally used in the form pfaff around.