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phuck (third-person singular simple present phucks, present participle phucking, simple past and past participle phucked)

  1. (slang) Nonstandard spelling of fuck.
    • 2003, Edward Abbey, David Petersen, Confessions of a barbarian (page 181)
      So now it's four days later and the problem, precisely phrased, is how to get the phucking leg up off the phucking bed. Sweating and cursing, try as I will, I cannot lift that phucking limb.
    • 2008, Steve Gertsch, A Templar's Vows
      “My Lord, you really phucked him up,” said Winola. “I have never seen anything like that before.”
    • 2010, D. B. Moon, Mind Sweeper (page 124)
      He breathed in again and gritted what teeth he had left. When he exhaled, saliva and blood poured out of his mouth, as well as another blood bubble. “Phuck you Natshi!”