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pile +‎ drive


piledrive (third-person singular simple present piledrives, present participle piledriving, simple past piledrove, past participle piledriven)

  1. (construction) To use a piledriver on.
    • 1993, Archie Green, Wobblies, pile butts, and other heroes: laborlore explorations, page 372:
      So we would take a twenty-five-ton — or maybe it was twelve and a half, I don't recall — airhammer and piledrive that sonofabitch into place.
    • 1997, Ivan Doig, Bucking the Sun: A Novel, page 389:
      Piledrive a secondary cutoff wall, cover it with a fifty-foot core of impervious fill, then replace the dredged material in a gentler slope; []
    • 2004, Rana Mitter, A bitter revolution: China's struggle with the modern world, page 236:
      Wang is inspired by remembering an improvised piledriver he had managed to rig together when he had helped blow up a bridge during the Korean War; he then uses the same technique to piledrive the foundations for the Nanjing bridge.
  2. (wrestling) To use the piledriver move.
    • 2002, Jerry Lawler, Doug Asheville, It's Good to Be the King...Sometimes, page 199:
      "Any wrestler who will piledrive Lawler and injure him like he did me gets five thousand dollars from me!"
    • 2004, Scott Keith, Wrestling's One Ring Circus, page 114:
      Anyway, back in the ring, Jericho works on the cut, but Shawn fights off both guys and tries to piledrive Jericho on the grating. Jericho reverses as the match kind of drifts along without a purpose.
    • 2006, Brian Fritz, Christopher Murray, Between the Ropes: Wrestling's Greatest Triumphs and Failures, page 70:
      As a tribute to the burgeoning popularity of hardcore wrestling, Jerry agreed to piledrive someone through a wooden table to the concrete below.
  3. (sex) To make deep and rapid penetration in the fashion of a piledriver.
    • 1993, Robert J. Stoller, Porn: Myths for the Twentieth Century, page 50
      So I switched into doggie style, which gives me my piledriving ability, but after a while my knee began to hurt ... I can pile-drive forever, and if I don't go off, what the hell do I care?
    • 1996, Maxim Jakubowski, The Mammoth Book of International Erotica, page 570
      When she thinks of having him inside her, her pussy grips and pulses like the mouth of a child that hasn't been fed. ... What begins as a languid glide accelerates into the stomping/pounding/piledriving frenzy of a mosh pit.
    • Dance of the Ravishers (page 44)
      He proceeded to piledrive his cock down into me with long, deep strokes, all the time reminding me who was in charge []
    • 2006, Rod Waleman, The Stepdaughters (page 128)
      “Ohh!” she squealed as Mark's hips continued to piledrive his prick into her rectum, which now had a loose-floating, rubbery-feeling area involved with the plunging cock-head.

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