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pissa + Liisa; literally, "pee-Alice"; in Finnish folk etymology, the term is popularly associated with the occasional public urination by some girls in this group when intoxicated, although this is by no means the most distinctive feature or decisive factor in being a pissaliisa [1][2]. However, according to Heikki Paunonen, a professor of Finnish language, this connection may be ostensible and, instead, the word may be related to the term kusipää "bastard" (literally, "pee-head").


  • Hyphenation: pis‧sa‧lii‧sa
  • IPA(key): /ˈpisːɑˌliːsɑ/

Alternative forms[edit]



  1. (slang, pejorative) A teenage girl obsessed with outer appearances (as for clothing, hair style, makeup, etc.), having self-conscious behavior, boasting with alcohol consumption and having an indifferent attitude towards everything; partially corresponds to the terms chav [girl], Essex girl and Valley girl, but does not connote any social status.


Inflection of pissaliisa (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative pissaliisa pissaliisat
genitive pissaliisan pissaliisojen
partitive pissaliisaa pissaliisoja
illative pissaliisaan pissaliisoihin
singular plural
nominative pissaliisa pissaliisat
accusative nom. pissaliisa pissaliisat
gen. pissaliisan
genitive pissaliisan pissaliisojen
partitive pissaliisaa pissaliisoja
inessive pissaliisassa pissaliisoissa
elative pissaliisasta pissaliisoista
illative pissaliisaan pissaliisoihin
adessive pissaliisalla pissaliisoilla
ablative pissaliisalta pissaliisoilta
allative pissaliisalle pissaliisoille
essive pissaliisana pissaliisoina
translative pissaliisaksi pissaliisoiksi
instructive pissaliisoin
abessive pissaliisatta pissaliisoitta
comitative pissaliisoineen


Derived terms[edit]


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