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  1. plural of platypus
    • 1999: Plato, BRAIN for March 19 in [1]
      At first I thought it was the same theme, beavers and platypodes being related (catoonishly, if not biologically).
    • 2001: Peter Mackay, Native Animal Recipes? in canb.general [2]
      Anyway, kangaroos evolved here, as did platypodes and a whole bunch of other birds and animals and fish and plants. Murray Cod. Emu. Macadamias.
    • 2005: Andrew Arensburger, Kansas: Board member Morris: Evolution a 'fairy tale' in [3]
      You just like Darwin because of its mascot: you're fond of platypodes.

Usage notes[edit]

The plural form platypodes is formed by application of the Greek (the language from which platypus derives) rules of forming plurals, precedented by the similarly formed plurals podes and octopodes (plurals of pous and octopus, respectively). However, being a fairly novel plural form, it is seldom used; the plurals platypuses, platypus, or, more rarely, platypi are more common. The plural form platypi is used sometimes under the impression that platypus is a masculine Latin second declension noun.