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From Ancient Greek ποππύζων (poppúzōn, smacking one's lips).



poppyzōn m (genitive poppyzontis or poppyzontos); third declension

  1. one making a smacking noise with the mouth or lips


Third declension, Greek type, nominative singular in -ōn. Alternative genitive singular and plural and accusative plural may be attested or may be reconstructed by lexicographers due to poppyzōn having been imported from the Ancient Greek masculine present active participle.

Case Singular Plural
nominative poppyzōn poppyzontēs
genitive poppyzontis
dative poppyzontī poppyzontibus
accusative poppyzonta poppyzontēs
ablative poppyzonte poppyzontibus
vocative poppyzōn poppyzontēs

Related terms[edit]


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