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  1. comparative form of porny: more porny
    • 1999 January 10, "Solitary Ash, The Evil Atheist" (username), "Re: A New Appreciation..", in, Usenet:
      Heh, I really love that line because "love-making" sounds like "buck nekkid" in one part, and when I realized what it really was, it was pornier than my misunderstood lyric. Heh.
    • 2002 March 9, "Lonnie" (username), "Re: What's wrong with this picture ?", in, Usenet:
      How much pornier would your site be ?
    • 2007 April 6, "record hunter" (username), "Re: Y&R = Sharon Team V.S Phyllis Team", in, Usenet:
      And that's gonna make him even pornier.