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Apparently from porn +‎ -y (though attested slightly earlier).



porny (comparative pornier, superlative porniest)

  1. (informal) Reminiscent of pornography; somewhat pornographic. [from 20th c.]
    • 2013, Jenny Turner, ‘A Girl and a Gun’, London Review of Books, vol. 35 no. 19:
      There are no Minitels, sadly, but there is one old-tech moment as good if not better, when Bach struts and poses around her room with a revolver, a Discman tucked into the side of her porny tangas, wires hanging, earphones in.
    • 2014, Julie Bindel, All you lesbians behaving badly – are strip clubs what liberation is for? (in The Guardian online, 30 June 2014)
      When I was a young lesbian feminist campaigning to overthrow patriarchy, what irked me most was the fact that some men would impose their own idiotic view of my sexuality on me, by asking if I would perform threesomes with them, or titillate them with a porny kissing display with my girlfriend.