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The forms of this verb are very different from one dialect to other, the poss- forms seem to come from a refection *possere from Latin possum, posse, the forms with poy- are maybe the most authentic, sharing the same evolution from *potere as most Western Romance languages, with the middle -t- being reduced to -y- after an intermediate *podēr level. Eventually, the forms showing -v- are either from a common evolution with Old French (pooir > povoir) or an influence from modern French pouvoir. From Vulgar Latin *possō, formed analogically from potens, present participle of Latin possum, posse.



  1. can, to be able to
    Je poué vegnir ceti sêr - I can come this evening
  2. may
    un dèsâstro que nos pôt fière - disaster which may strike us