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præclude (third-person singular simple present præcludes, present participle præcluding, simple past and past participle præcluded)

  1. Obsolete spelling of preclude
    • 1654 (published in 1742), Lieutenant General Jo. Middletone, An intercepted letter of lieutenant general Middleton, to lieutenant col. Mac Gregour, in State Papers, 1654, December (3 of 4) from A collection of the State Papers of John Thurloe, volume 3: December 1654 – August 1655, page 42:
      Yeſterday I called ane counſell of warre, where we moſt ſeriouſlie weighed and fullie debated everie thinge relating to his majeſtie’s ſervice, and having found that the treacherie and deſertion of many of thoſe, who had joyned in it, and were eminently conſiderable, have reduced the buſines to ſuch a condition, that we were forced to conclude it impoſsible now to carie it on with the meaneſt hope of advantage; and withall finding it very improbable, if not altogether impoſsible, to gett the advice of yourſelfe, and all the noblemen and officers, which we moſt earneſtly wiſhed in this ſad exigent, that everie man’s judgment might have gone along with ours, without manifeſt prejudice in many reſpects: it was unanimouſly concluded neceſsarie to ſend for a paſse for ſome perſons, to treat for the laying doune of armes with Monke, and to deſire a ceſsation rather than fooliſhly to ſacrifice the lyves and fortunes of thoſe, who have moſt loyallie and noblie reſiſted and contemned all difficulties, temptations, and diſcouragements, and ar yet moſt willing to ſpend their laſt blood in this caus; and ſo in human appearance præclude as farre as in us lyes all future hopes of this kingdome’s libertie.