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  1. genitive plural of prīnceps


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prīncipum, i, n.

  1. A beginning, start or origin.
      • 59 BC–AD 17, Titus Livius, Ab Urbe Condita Libri, Liber Unus 4.1:
        Sed debebatur, ut opinor, fatis tantae origo urbis maximique secundum deorum opes imperii principum.
        But the Fates were resolved, as I suppose, upon the founding of such a great city and the beginning of the greatest of empires, second to the power of the gods.
  2. (Transitive): That makes a beginning, that votes first (of the prerogative tribe or curia), the right of voting first.
  3. (Transitive): A beginner, originator.
  4. (Plural): Foundations, principles.
  5. (Military): The foremost ranks, front line.
  6. (Military): Headquarters, a large open space in a camp containing the tents of officers, standards, etc.