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From prūdēns +‎ -ia. Compare prōvidentia.





prūdentia f (genitive prūdentiae); first declension

  1. acquaintance, knowledge, skilfulness
  2. sagacity, prudence, discretion, discreetness
    Synonyms: sapientia, calliditās
    Antonyms: stultitia, ineptitūdō, īnsapientia, imprūdentia, sōcordia, stupiditās, inertia
  3. foresight
    • c. 4 BCE – 65 CE, Seneca the Younger, De brevitate vitae 9:
      Potestne quicquam stultius esse quam quorundam sensus, hominum eorum dico qui prudentiam iactant?
      Can anything be sillier than the point of view of certain people—I mean those who boast of their foresight?
  4. wisdom
    • Deuteronomy 32:28 Latin Vulgate



First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative prūdentia prūdentiae
Genitive prūdentiae prūdentiārum
Dative prūdentiae prūdentiīs
Accusative prūdentiam prūdentiās
Ablative prūdentiā prūdentiīs
Vocative prūdentia prūdentiae






  1. nominative/accusative/vocative neuter plural of prūdēns


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