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From que (how) +‎ maco (nice), a phrase often exclaimed by visitors to rural areas.


  • (imitating the Barcelonan pronunciation) IPA(key): [kɐˈma.ku]
  • (Central) IPA(key): /kəˈma.ku/
  • (North-western) IPA(key): /kaˈma.ku/, /kaˈma.ko/


quemaco m (plural quemacos)

  1. (Catalonia) someone who comes from a large city to the countryside
    Synonyms: pixapí, pixapins
    • 2001, Enric Sànchez-Cid, Ermites i temples insòlits de Catalunya, Cossetània Edicions, →ISBN, page 106:
      És un indret de gran atracció turística, sobretot per als "quemacos" que volen comprovar quin gust té l'aigua que arriba a les seves aixetes abans de passar pel clor.
      It's a place with great touristic attraction, especially for the "quemacos" who want to test the taste of the water that comes out of their faucets before it passes through chlorine.