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reëmerge (third-person singular simple present reëmerges, present participle reëmerging, simple past and past participle reëmerged)

  1. Alternative spelling of reemerge
    • 1918, Charles Homer Haskins, Norman Institutions (Harvard University Press), page 155
      The personnel of the curia undergoes some change, and the seneschal perhaps acquires somewhat greater importance; but if the justiciar disappears, it is only to reëmerge under Henry II, and the department which stands in the most intimate relation to the new ruler, the chancery, is Normanized even to its smallest phrases.
    • 2004, Wesley E. Hall, Oklahoma Pioneer!: Horace Greeley Teeman Hall, page 109
      I was out on the porch immediately, on opposite end from his favorite spot, and saw him gallop down the hill toward the sorghum mill, turn left at the creek, and reëmerge from the willow thicket into the watermelon patch.
    • 1961, Jesse D. Clarkson, A History of Russia (Random House), Page 456
      Mindful that the French Revolution, after moving irresistibly leftward, has at last swing back and permitted man like Abbé Sieyès to reëmerge as leaders, the Cadets seem to have felt it wise to cease trying to check the swing of pendulum; by dropping the government, they might protect the party’s reputation for sanity and be ready to return to the helm after a Russian Thermidor.