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reëxpress (third-person singular simple present reëxpresses, present participle reëxpressing, simple past and past participle reëxpressed)

  1. (rare) Alternative spelling of reexpress
    • 1934: Annals of Mathematics, page 360 (Princeton University Press)
      Since, as Baer-Hasse show, (𝐹) holds for subgroups of 𝐴 of finite index and the corresponding finite adjunctions onto the rational domain 𝕽, we can reëxpress their formulae […]
    • 1957: Harvard Historical Monographs, volume 33: William James Bouwsma, “Concordia Mundi: The Career and Thought of Guillaume Postel, 1510–1581”, page 63 (Harvard University Press)
      […] to explain how he was able to absorb and reëxpress intellectual currents of the greatest complexity and diversity.
    • 1967: Hearings, Reports and Prints, page 755
      In truth, the plain demonstration which this record gives of the injury which would arise from and the promotion of the wrongs which the statute was intended to guard against which would result from giving to the statute a narrow, unreasoning and unheard of construction, as illustrated by the record before us, if possible serves to strengthen our conviction as to the correctness of the rule of construction, the rule of reason, which was applied in the Standard Oil Case, the application of which rule to the statute we now, in the most unequivocal terms, reëxpress and re-affirm.