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reïmmerse (third-person singular simple present reïmmerses, present participle reïmmersing, simple past and past participle reïmmersed)

  1. Rare spelling of reimmerse.
    • 2008 CE, Leanne Cooper-Elliott, Santa Ynez Valley Journal, volume 6 (2008), issue 6 (February 7th), Frenchie: A Life with Horses:
      It was on a rare day off, in search of Red Rock, that Sarri got lost and subsequently found his way to Santa Ynez. The valley reminded him of the rolling hills behind the beach town where he grew up. Instantly enamored and drawn to reïmmerse himself in an equestrian community, Sarri moved to a house on Alamo Pintado and landed a job driving a tractor at Firestone Vineyards.