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resonantia f (genitive resonantiae); first declension

  1. echo, resonance
    • circa 25 BC, Vitruvius, De Architectura V, 3
      Aditus complures et spatiosos oportet disponere, nec coniunctos superiores inferioribus, sed ex omnibus locis perpetuos et directos sine inversuris faciendos, uti, cum populus dimittatur de spectaculis, ne comprimatur, sed habeat ex omnibus locis exitus separatos sine inpeditione. Etiam diligenter est animadvertendum, ne sit locus surdus, sed ut in eo vox quam clarissime vagari possit. hoc vero fieri ita poterit, si locus electus fuerit, ubi non inpediatur resonantia.
      The different entrances ought to be numerous and spacious, the upper not connected with the lower, but built in a continuous straight line from all parts of the house, without turnings, so that the people may not be crowded together when let out from shows, but may have separate exits from all parts without obstructions. Particular pains must also be taken that the site be not a "deaf" one, but one through which the voice can range with the greatest clearness. This can be brought about if a site is selected where there is no obstruction due to echo.


First-declension noun.

Case Singular Plural
Nominative resonantia resonantiae
Genitive resonantiae resonantiārum
Dative resonantiae resonantiīs
Accusative resonantiam resonantiās
Ablative resonantiā resonantiīs
Vocative resonantia resonantiae