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Northern Sami[edit]


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  • (Kautokeino) IPA(key): /ˈrie̯pan/



  1. red fox, Vulpes vulpes
    Maid dadjá rieban?
    What does the fox say?


Odd, no gradation
Nominative rieban
Genitive riebana
Singular Plural
Nominative rieban riebanat
Accusative riebana riebaniid
Genitive riebana riebaniid
Illative riebanii riebaniidda
Locative riebanis riebaniin
Comitative riebaniin riebaniiguin
Essive riebanin
Possessive forms
Singular Dual Plural
1st person riebanan riebaneamẹ riebaneamẹt
2nd person riebanat riebaneattẹ riebaneattẹt
3rd person riebanis riebaneaskkạ riebaneasẹt

Derived terms[edit]

Further reading[edit]

  • Koponen, Eino; Ruppel, Klaas; Aapala, Kirsti, editors (2002-2008) Álgu database: Etymological database of the Saami languages[1], Helsinki: Research Institute for the Languages of Finland