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a red fox (Vulpes vulpes).


red fox (countable and uncountable, plural red foxes)

  1. (countable) A common species of fox, Vulpes vulpes native to North America, Asia, Europe and North Africa; small, with reddish fur, but larger than the arctic fox.
  2. (uncountable, usually capitalized) Certain varieties of species of genus Celosia, such as of Celosia argentea.
    • 1975, “Britannica Book of the Year”, in (Please provide the book title or journal name), Encyclopaedia Britannica, Incorporated, page 321:
      The other All-America winners were the Peter Pan Orange zinnia, Red Fox celosia, Magic Charms dianthus, and Diablo cosmos
    • 1971, Pennsylvania Flower Growers, Bulletin, number 236-268:
      Celosia Red Fox won for its breeder—T. Sakata, C>P>O> Box 11, Yokohama, Japan—a Bronze Medal
    • 1978, Better Homes & Gardens, Better Homes and Gardens Editors, editor, Better Homes and Gardens Container Plants You Can Grow, page 37:
      CELOSIA or COCKSCOMB Cockscomb (crested) and plumosa (feathered) are the common names for the two most common celosias . ... Popular varieties include: Jewel Box', Lilliput, Empress, Gladiator, Red Fox, and Crusader
    • 1983, Derek Fell, Annuals: How to Select, Grow and Enjoy, page 77:
      There are two kinds of celosia. Both are tender annuals [] For intermediate height and stems long enough to cut for flower arrangements, grow 'Red Fox', 19 inches high
    • 1992, Mark Silber, Terry Silber, The Complete Book of Everlastings, page 49:
      Celosia argentea CELOSIA Centaurea cyanus and C. moschata BACHELOR'S BUTTON and SWEET SULTAN COMMON [] The most useful plumed varieties are Apricot Brandy, Forest Fire, Red Fox and accidental light yellow colors.



  • (Vulpes vulpes): fox


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