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Perfect passive participle of saepiō (surround, enclose).


saeptus m (feminine saepta, neuter saeptum); first/second declension

  1. surrounded, enclosed, having been fenced in.
  2. enveloped, wrapped, having been enveloped.
  3. (figuratively) impeded, hindered, having been impeded.


First/second declension.

Number Singular Plural
Case / Gender Masculine Feminine Neuter Masculine Feminine Neuter
Nominative saeptus saepta saeptum saeptī saeptae saepta
Genitive saeptī saeptae saeptī saeptōrum saeptārum saeptōrum
Dative saeptō saeptō saeptīs
Accusative saeptum saeptam saeptum saeptōs saeptās saepta
Ablative saeptō saeptā saeptō saeptīs
Vocative saepte saepta saeptum saeptī saeptae saepta

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